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Support for Rule of law
Removal of elected officials who don't follow the Constitution
Limited Executive Orders, with laws written only by Congress
State and local control of education
Support of the Second Amendment
Separation of powers
Support of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments
Small government with less regulations
Lower taxes
Limited grants and mandates
Honest elections with valid voter ID
Color-blind justice
Support of the American Dream
Enforcement of Immigration Laws
Free-market Capitalism
Responsible Development of Natural Resources
Opposition of U.N. Agenda 21

The Ulster County Conservative Party's Platform follows the basic tenets outlined by the Conservative Party of New York State.  The Conservative Party will support members of the Party running for political office at all levels of elective office.

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  • 1.  Our forefathers left us a country where freedom and liberty are guaranteed to all.  The individual is superior to the collective.  Individual Americans are empowered by the Constitution to live their lives as they see fit, without interference from the government.  That government which governs least governs best.  Government should be minimized, not maximized.
  • 2. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land.  This document defines specifically what the federal government is empowered to do, and, more importantly, what it is not empowered to do.  It defines rights which all individual Americans have.  And it defines a government divided into 3 parts (executive, legislative, and judicial).  This was done to prevent any one branch from becoming all-powerful and tyrannical. And it reserves to the states all powers not SPECIFICALLY granted to the federal government in the Constitution.
  • 3.  Any change to the constitution is required to follow the process for changing it defined in the constitution.
  • 4. There should be a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.  This will prevent irresponsible politicians from spending trillions of dollars they don’t have.
  • 5. There should be a term limit amendment to the constitution.  This will bring proper meaning back to the term “public service”.
  • 6. The constitution and all laws passed by the congress should apply to all citizens of the country, including politicians.
  • 7. The President and Congressmen swear an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution.  Those who do not take this oath seriously should be removed from office by the voters.
  • 8. Executive orders should be done away with.  Congress is the only legitimate place for a law to be written per the Constitution.
  • 9.  Education is best handled at a state or local level.  We are thus against common core.  We are for school choice because empowering parents will obviously lead to better schools.
  • 10.  The 2nd amendment to the Constitution guarantees law abiding citizens the right to keep and bear arms.  Period.
  • 11. Executive-branch organizations such as the EPA should be limited to enforcing laws passed by congress.  Congress is the only legitimate place for a law to be written per the Constitution.  Checks and balances were included in the constitution to prevent one branch of government from usurping the powers of another.
  • 12.  The federal government is too big, and that we should be talking about ways to make it smaller.  Prizes could be awarded to persons who come up with creative and practical ways to do this.
  • 13.  Taxes at all levels of government are too high.  We should be discussing ways that taxes can be reduced.
  • 14.  Politicians who decide some project is worthwhile should be required to pay for it via taxes.  This is common sense.  Today there are too many ways around this, such as mandates and grants.
  • 15.  The government has far too many regulations, every one of which diminishes liberty and freedom.  We should be talking about reducing the number of regulations.  Mechanisms which encourage more regulations should be done away with, such as having the EPA make up its own regulations (aka laws), which it then enforces.  Laws are supposed to be made by elected representatives in congress, who can be kicked out if they make laws which the people deem too repressive.
  • 16.  Elections should be conducted in such a way that there is no question whether they are honest. Valid forms of identification should be required at both registration time and at voting time.  The only proof of citizenship is a birth certificate, a naturalization certificate, or a document which has previously required production of birth certificate or naturalization certificate.
  • 17. Justice should be administered in a color blind way.  Justice should be administered in a gender blind way.  We are all American individuals and should be treated in an unprejudiced way by the law.
  • 18. We should be proud that it is possible to live the American Dream in the USA.    “Get an education, work hard, save your money, and you can have a better life”.
  • 19. Our current immigration laws should be enforced.  No reasonable conditions can be imposed on persons who sneak in.  Conditions might include a rudimentary knowledge of how the Constitution works, a rudimentary knowledge of English, and the responsibilities of a voter.
  • 20. The melting pot concept is a good way to view new legal immigrants.  They should be viewed as people who wish to pursue the American dream.  They should be viewed as Americans first, and whatever else they are second.  They should be willing to adopt our customs and language.
  • 21.  Free market capitalism should be encouraged.  It has produced the most prosperous nation that there has ever been.
  • 22.  Good stewardship of the country requires that our energy resources be developed to provide for future generations.  We believe that the technology exists to do this in ways that are safe for the environment.  We support fracking.  We support clean coal.  We support keystone.  Energy dependance on the middle east must end.
  • 23. UN agenda 21 should be opposed.  If you do not know what it is, google it and see if you wish to join us in opposing it.  We have a system of government in the USA implemented by the constitution, which guarantees freedom and liberty for the individual.  It has worked very well and does not need to be improved on.
  • 24.  Labor unions do not make sense in situations such as government, where the employer is necessarily a monopoly.  Collective bargaining gives workers the right to put the employer out of business if an agreement cannot be reached, which obviously does not make sense if the employer is a government entity.

(Ratified December 15, 1791)

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